Production and Assembly

Our Production and Assembly department was created in 2017 and was highly reinforced with the creation of our subsidiary SOVEROC in Morroco where we assemble automotive seats

Exterior view of SOVEROC plant / Assembly line : screwing and ironing seats

Other activities (France and Morroco)

  • Packaging engineering :
    • Conception of packaging suitable for your products
    • Printing of your brand image following your specifications
    • Optimisation and rationalisation of packaging materials and volumes
    • Cost reduction goal (automatic formatting, sustainable packaging, etc.)

  • After sale network packaging:
    • Creation and management of your packaging orders
    • Collection in  bags and boxes at your brand image  (engine protection kit, turbo spare parts, engine parts, etc.)
    • Kits: clutch, car bodywork, timing belt, filters, etc. 
    • Subcomponents assembling: assembling of doors, pick-up accessories, etc. 

  • Reindustrialisation:
    • Renault Laguna’s brake lever
    • Renault 4 bumper (sheet metal) 
    • Exhaust manifold

  • Technical parts according to draft and specifications:
    • Aluminium parts
    • Plastic parts
    • Caoutchouc parts
    • Screws